What’s the difference between Face Lenses and World Lenses?

Face Lenses, often called Face Filters, are AR masks that overlay graphics, such as puppy ears or flower crowns, on your face. World Lenses add 3D animated objects, such as a dancing mascot or animated logo, to any scene you can capture with your camera.

How are lenses activated?

World lenses are shared through unique Snapcodes that can be unlocked by anyone, anywhere. Once scanned, Snapcodes will activate the lens for 24 hours, however, individuals can activate the Lens an unlimited amount of times while it’s live during the year.

How to activate a Snapcode:

  1. Open the rear-facing Camera on Snapchat and scan the Snapcode
  2. Press and hold your finger on the Snapcode to unlock it
  3. Once unlocked, tap the button to capture a Snap like usual!

Scan our Thanksgiving Face Lens here to test it out!

What does it cost?

The cost associated with our AR assets varies depending on the complexity of 3D model and animation. Our team will assess the scope of the project, before sending out a quote. Prices for our most basic lenses start at $2500 USD.

An additional benefit to businesses looking to integrate Snap Lenses into their marketing strategy, is that they do not require continuous ad spend, despite being live for a full year. Once the Lens has been created, it is uploaded for free to Snapchat’s platform and a Snapcode is generated, which can be shared with customers, staff, friends, and family.

What’s EveryStudio’s process?

Once we learn about your project and marketing goals, we work with our creative team to outline creative concepts that will drive the most value for your organization.

After deciding on a design with our clients, our 3D Modelers will create a 3D mesh of the design, which then gets UV’d and textured before being exported into Snapchat’s Lens Studio for final rendering. Once we create the augmented reality asset for your brand, we’ll send it over for review to ensure that it matches exactly what you had in mind.

How do you promote Face Lenses and World Lenses?

As mentioned, Face and World Lenses are promoted through the use of Snapcodes. These Snapcodes can be distributed through a wide range of channels, blending both digital and traditional marketing efforts. Organizations distribute them as images on all platforms, websites, packaging, or through print materials. We’ve seen great success when guerilla tactics are used, such as large posters and photo booths highlighting the creative with instructions regarding activation. When the Lens is shared through a Snap photo or video, recipients or viewers are also able to activate the filter directly in the app.

If you have any more questions regarding Face and World Lenses or have questions about how creative AR products could benefit your brand, we’d be happy to discuss further. Please reach out to our AR team at ar@every.studio to get the conversation going!