In a rapidly developing and fast-moving music industry, artists must find creative ways to differentiate themselves and stand out in a crowded market. While music videos have always been the mainstream way for artists to portray their vision, new Augmented Reality opportunities can greatly enhance and deepen the connection between an artist and their fans.

Augmented reality presents exciting opportunities for entertainment companies and their artists to push creative boundaries. According to a survey conducted by Eventbrite, millennials highly value experiences, and are increasingly spending time and money on them. 79% of millennials would choose to spend money on an experience or event, rather than a tangible 'thing'. Augmented reality creates experiences, aligning perfectly with millennial trends.

Eminem recently launched an Augmented Reality app to enhance the audience experience at his concerts. The first six songs of Eminem’s set will include AR activations, prompted through the app. The application is user-friendly, and only requires the individual to hold the phone at eye level and point at the stage to use. In recent years, Coachella has also added AR elements to their festival. The audience is notified when the AR experiences are available throughout the show and are prompted to hold up their phones and interact with the stage and the crowd.

In addition to utilizing AR to enhance musical experiences, it is also an amazing marketing tool. Many companies and organizations are turning to AR for their advertising campaigns. If AR can create such an impact on consumer brands, imagine the potential impact on the music industry. Recently, EveryStudio created an AR Face Lens for Anderson .Paak, whose team wanted to utilize augmented reality for his upcoming world tour. A Snapchat face lens highlighting his iconic sunglasses and beanie was created for fans to engage with, and features his song, “Make It Better” from his most recent Aventura album.

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