Three months ago, Snapchat gave third party creators the opportunity to design Face Lenses, commonly known as Face Filters, within the Lens Studio AR design and development software - we wrote about the exciting product launch here. Thus far, our clients have been impressed with the level of creativity that’s possible within the platform, which has resulted in EveryStudio being able to deliver highly engaging content to our client’s audiences. After speaking with past customers and utilizing the platform ourselves, we want to share the benefits in using Snapchat Face Lenses for brand building efforts.

Brand New Creative

Face Filters are the product of relatively new technologies and improvements in mobile device capabilities. Since the ability to create these assets is fairly recent, brands have an opportunity to differentiate themselves from other companies that aren’t aware of Face Filters at this time (if you work in the marketing/tech. space this may seem unlikely, however, we hear this notion multiple times per week!). In today’s noisy digital landscape, it is imperative for brands to use tools and content that has stopping power and that resonates with their audience - Face Filters do just that.

Barcelona Filter


Highly Engaging User Experience

One of the primary reasons that Face Filters have this stopping power is due to the level of interactivity that designers and developers can build on the platform. Face Filters allow creatives to combine complex 3D models with impressive animation effects, resulting in a highly engaging experience for users. Furthermore, animated elements can be triggered by certain movements or actions from users. The degree of involvement in the experience increases the shareability of the creative and builds a stronger connection to the content itself.

Speaking of Shareability…

Face Lenses are activated by scanning a “Snapcode” - picture a QR code with Snapchat branding. I’ll be honest, we were hesitant about the scanning step when we first learned of Snapcodes, however, after working on client campaigns, we’ve done a 180. Our customers have integrated Snapcodes into their promotional efforts in numerous creative ways, including:

  1. Bridging digital and traditional efforts by including Snapcodes on traditional pieces such as in-game programs and one pagers
  2. Guerrilla tactics such as massive eye catching posters or displays highlighting the Face Filter creative and instructions for users to unlock the creative using a Snapcode
  3. Cross channel digital promotion of the Face Filter in action and Face Filter link on online platforms
  4. Encouraging users to share the Face Filter, which, when shared in a Snap, allows recipients to activate that Face Lens directly in app to apply it to their own photos and videos that they’re sharing directly with friends

Try out our Snapcode, by opening the Snapchat camera and pressing and holding your finger on the screen. This Snapcode takes you to EveryStudio’s AR homepage!

Incorporates the Brand Into User’s Everyday Life

Snapchat is a hugely popular platform for individuals who share raw and in-the-moment content on a daily basis. Face Filters allow brands to piggyback off this and insert themselves into their audience’s day-to-day digital conversations, deepening the connection that brands have with users. Providing your target audience with fun and interactive creative to add to their Snaps enhances their photo and video capturing experience, and therefore, enhances their experience with your brand.


Credit: Business Insider

Face Filters can be an effective piece of an organization’s awareness marketing efforts, especially when the brand’s target demographic skews younger in age. The immersive and playful nature of these animated assets pairs perfectly with Snapchat’s laid back and casual vibe. Furthermore, backend analytics such as scans, uses, swipes and views, enable organizations to see how many impressions and interactions the Lens is receiving in order to understand which creative and promotional tactics are working, and which ones are not.

As always, if you have any questions regarding our augmented reality products or would like to learn more about how we could assist in your marketing efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Julia & Myles - Marketing