Augmented Reality (AR) might not always be the first new technology that brands are looking to adopt and implement into their marketing mix. AR can seem daunting, however the reality is that future focused brands are already starting to utilize AR through a variety of ways to reach consumers in an innovative and immersive way. In order to remain competitive in the digital era, it is no longer sufficient to solely have an online presence. Tools such as AR are a great way for consumers to have an interactive and unique experience in the hopes of decreasing buyer uncertainty and in turn, drive sales.

Ensuring that AR experiences are easily accessible to consumers is extremely important. Snapchat is an ideal platform for brands looking to experiment with augmented reality, with 70 million people using their lenses everyday. According to Retail Perceptions, 40% of consumers said they would be willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through augmented reality, with 71% of consumers shopping more often at a retailer if they offered augmented reality. Consumers view AR as an exciting and intuitive way to explore their options before they move further down the sales funnel.

In December of 2017, Snapchat released a tool called Lens Studio which allows anyone to create their own custom lenses. Lens Studio encompasses Snapchat Face Filters, as well as Snapchat World Lenses which bring characters and effects to life, all from your phone.

Lens Studio’s functionality enables designers and developers to build what is called a “Portal Lens,” which allows users to enter a portal or doorway into a new world. Advanced intuitive tracking allows the user to move freely throughout the portal and explore the scene around them. AR Lenses, and more specifically the portal lens, allow the user to feel as though they’re experiencing the AR world in real-time through their phone, without having to put on a clunky headset. Accessing the portal is simple and done via a unique Snapcode.

Recently, EveryStudio began experimenting with the Portal Lens on Lens Studio, and created an extremely detailed storefront. A user enters the portal through an entrance or doorway, and can then explore the immersive, 3D space. Using a smartphone, users are able to physically walk through and explore the store and it’s offerings; with augmented reality, this can all be done from the comfort of their own home. 3D content is built and added to the portal, allowing for complete customization. When shopping online, a consumer has to use their imagination to see what an item would look like in person; AR technology obliterates this challenge by transforming imagination into reality.

See our demo below of the portal we created, and how to use it!

Augmented Reality has the power to be a game changer in the marketing world; whether it’s to reach a new demographic, or to boost sales, brands are beginning to recognize the huge impact that AR has on consumers. If you’re looking to learn more about the impact that Augmented Reality could have on your brand, please email our Manager of Augmented Reality at

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