World Lenses aren’t brand new to the Snapchat platform, however, as noted in a previous blog post, the ability for third party developers to create them is. In the midst of Facebook’s recently launched augmented reality development kit, AR Studio, Snapchat responded by allowing creators to utilize their proprietary platform, Lens Studio, to build animated 3D objects and characters.

Recently, EveryStudio has been working with a number of professional sports teams to create interactive augmented reality content for Snapchat. World Lenses certainly have stopping power and endless creative potential to engage the next generation of fans or loyal brand advocates. With that being said, one question that comes up in our discussions with clients is how a company should promote such a newly launched social media offering. World Lenses are accessed with a Snapcode, thus there is clearly a need to promote this code in order to inform your target market of the World Lens’ existence. EveryStudio believes that Snapcode promotion presents an incredible opportunity for disruptive marketing tactics.

Here are some of the benefits that World Lenses provide, as well as tips on how to get the word out to your target market effectively.

World Lenses require no media spend for activation or placement

Although the cost of developing animated 3D models can be higher than some forms of creative, World Lenses have no media spend associated with them, which can greatly reduce the overall campaign cost. World Lenses are free to activate on the Snapchat platform, and therefore, the only fee involved is the asset development. Since the Lens is active for a period of one year or longer, brands can spread this creative development cost across numerous campaigns and initiatives, in order to maximize their ROI.

World Lenses can be active for up to one year and are accessible in any location worldwide

Snapchat World Lenses are live to the user for 24 hours following activation, however, individuals can activate a World Lens an unlimited amount of times while it’s live during the year. Compared to Sponsored Snapchat Filters, this increases the potential reach of the campaign. Furthermore, as noted in the name, World Lenses provide the freedom to take this product with you anywhere in the world, thus, extending the utility and reach of the World Lens. Let’s use the New York Yankees as an example. It is impossible for the marketing team at the Yankees to know where every cluster of fans exists throughout the world. By letting these fans incorporate a World Lens of the New York Yankees mascot into their environment, fans across the globe are able to integrate their passion into their local community, while taking photos and videos on Snapchat.

Blend the physical and digital worlds to increase interaction and hype

World Lenses present a fantastic guerrilla marketing opportunity for brands to create deeper, more immersive experiences while promoting their Snapcode and the associated World Lens. Here are just a few examples of how to use unique tactics to build awareness for your World Lens:

  • Place a Snapcode photo booth at events using a contest to reward social shares.
  • Unleash a street promotions team to interact with event attendees or locations that feature your target market by handing out content that contains your Snapcode.
  • Incorporate your Snapcode into eye-catching wall displays.
  • Create a World Lens Scavenger Hunt on a college campus or across cities and promote over social and other digital channels. Once again, build engagement through social shares.
  • Print your Snapcode on stickers and post them up in areas frequented by your target audience to pique curiosity and interest.
  • Build creative point of sale promotions to entice Snapcode activation.
  • Send a physical Snapcode along with “swag” bags or items that you’re shipping to customers. For example, integrating a Snapcode into a music festival ticket package that’s sent to attendees is a great example of how to build excitement and hype in the months leading up to the festival.

If you're interested in learning more about how Snapchat World Lenses could generate buzz for your brand, please feel free to email EveryStudio's Manager of Augmented Reality!

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