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Disney - Freaky Friday Premiere

Snapchat Face Filters
The Client

The Walt Disney Company is a highly diversified media conglomerate and one of the world’s most famous brands. For many individuals, the Disney name is synonymous with enchanting childhood experiences, whether it was watching epic Disney classics or spending awe inspiring days in their theme parks.

The Objective

Organizers of Disney’s Freaky Friday premiere sought to engage with event attendees prior to, during, and after watching the film’s showing. Furthermore, Disney was looking for a high engagement touchpoint that would be experiential in nature to create some excitement and hype around the event.

EveryStudio’s Solution

Face Filters were a perfect tactic for Disney to add an interactive digital element to the Freaky Friday red carpet. EveryStudio designed three animated Filters, each of which built off of a theme that was present in the film. Two of the filters utilized Snapchat’s effect triggering functionality, allowing users to launch certain visual effects by raising their eyebrows or tapping the screen.

The Filters will continue to be utilized by Disney when promoting the upcoming Disney Channel screenings to drive awareness and deepen engagement with their target audience.

During the premiere, the AR Face Filters were accessed nearly 350 times by event attendees and amassed 3,392 total views via shares from the Snapchat app.

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